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I’ve used this app to help manage our basketball team for the last few years. It’s great, easy to use and navigate and plenty of options available. Cheap to remove the ads too. Highly recommended.

5/5 - leeb7410

Team App is a platform that allows any sports club, social group or organisation to create and manage their own smartphone App.
If your Team has created an App simply download Team App here, sign up and join your team.
Or to create your own Team App for FREE visit

Team App is used worldwide in over 150 countries.
Its the most powerful sports communication platform on the planet!


Team App is a powerful communication platform thats easy to set up and manage.
Your team or social group can have its own App on the Team App platform!
Fully customisable with your choice from a huge range of features, Team App solves the flow of information between the club, team members, coach, players and supporters.
Having your own Team App also creates additional revenue opportunities for your club by delivering significant value for your team sponsors.
Suitable for even the smallest team or social group to large teams with many thousands of supporters.
Engage your members like never before. Direct to the smartphone or tablet using the latest digital technology.

Creating a Team App also generates a free website version of your App!
Check out for more information.


• Send news articles direct to the smartphone through push notifications.
• Instantly connect with members, players and your community.
• Members can enter their availabilities for upcoming dates.
• Promote your events and club functions and manage RSVP numbers
• Player profiles and extended bio's with optional player sponsors.
• Set and send automatic reminders.
• Announce Newsletters, display forms and send documents to your members.
• Access ladders, fixtures, results.
• Follow your teams live scores.
• Create secure discussion groups and forums.
• Upload photos and engage in social team chat.
• Manage your membership payments.
• Announce teams for upcoming matches.
• Sync your teams events with your personal calendar.
• Instantly inform members about promotions and activities.
• Your messages are secure and only visible to groups you choose.
• Admins can subscribe to their association and receive newsletters/sports records directly in their App.


• Attract more sponsors through offering a valuable mobile proposition.
• Display sponsor logos and offers.
• Set up direct web links to your sponsors.
• Promote membership options and improve cash flow by using our Stripe and Paypal payment system.
• Manage events more efficiently to ensure greater attendances.


Team App offers an entirely new level of professionalism for teams and clubs both small and large. Not only does Team App allow you to engage players, fans and supporters, you will attract sponsors to this brand new, highly targeted digital channel.

Bring your club into the mobile age with Team App.
Your Team. Your App.






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