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The iOS App store is officially a mature market ecosystem. Now you can build a business on the App store.

But as with any business venture, there are tips and tricks. There are pitfalls. There are ways to stand out and succeed. There are ways to be drowned out in oblivion.

Since I started App Design Vault, a lot of customers have been asking me questions on these topics. So I decided to launch Appville.

Appville is where you go to learn all these. That's why I started the magazine. This is for an independent app developer by an independent app developer.

I don't claim to know everything but I have got friends that do. If they aren't my friends yet, I will go get them drunk and make them think we have been friends or ages.

I intend to bring you the best articles, interviews, ideas from experts in the industry so you can learn how to get ahead with your apps.

In this issue...
In this issue, we have got an article from Ezra Siegel of Apptentive. The article goes in-depth on how to enhance the experience your app's users have. It's not just about good design.
We also have an interview with Sam Soffes, the mind behind CheddarApp and others developed under the Nothing Magical brand. Be sure to check that out. We also have a couple of stories from the trenches. These are developers who are out there in the App store, developing and publishing apps. Cesare explains why your app may need a walkthrough and Reza gives you a behind the curtain look into a developer's mindset.

As always, I am pleased to see a lot of you like the resources you read in Appville. From the emails I get and the reviews you leave, they are all inspiring and I know we are on to something with this magazine.






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